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COVID-19 & Privilege

It's becoming more frequent that I see people say things along the lines of COVID is fake and the numbers are made up. So many are choosing not to wear a mask despite the mandatory order, going out regardless of the influx of cases in their cities, etc. I can wholeheartedly UNDERSTAND the ... READ the POST

Check your privilege.

Living with MS during COVID-19

Most of you are already aware of how, in some ways, it can have its challenges for any person with a chronic illness. For me personally, most days are great and some just aren't. These days, however, I've been fantastic. No flare-ups, mild fatigue, everything has been A-OK… until this damn ... READ the POST

I Got Help

Hey, Lovelies! It's been a min. Huh? Well, let me take the time to first say I hope ya'll are doing well during the madness that is COVID-19. It's been a crazy ride, and I am READY TO GET OFF, but that's not the topic of discussion. From the title, I sure you were wondering what kind of help I ... READ the POST

What Does Time Mean? Not A Damn Thing.

Hey Lovelies, Have you ever caught yourself doing something due to the length of time invested? That could be not throwing away something you haven't used for a long time ... but you're keeping it because one day you might, right? Or maybe it's not throwing away those pants from 5 years ago ... READ the POST

My Ultimate FriendShot Cruise Experience

Hi, Lovelies! **Disclaimer** I'm going to be backtracking a little bit regarding some of the events I've participated in because they're too good not to share. *** Anyway, as an adult, it can really hard making friends. I've touched on this previously in my post-Shy In A New City- How do you make ... READ the POST

Sending The Elevator Back Down

Hey, Lovelies! For this post, I had the opportunity to collaborate with my great friends, Bri from the Unprocessed Lifestyle Blog and Jaz from Le Haute Jaz, on such an important topic - How women can support one another. As Bri approached her 1 year anniversary of her blog she expressed that the ... READ the POST