Oh, You Swipe too?

As a 27-year-old, I’d say it’s normal for me to want a significant other at this age. You know, hope to meet someone worth my time, whose vibes match mine, who I can enjoy some quality time with, do all that corny couple shit I like to do. If you don’t want that at whatever age you are, that’s cool ... READ the POST

MoState Homecoming 2017

I said last year I was NOT going back to Missouri State’s homecoming. Once you’ve gone to one, you’ve pretty much gone to all of them, but this year I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. I got to see so many of my friends from school, and at the end of my trip, my heart was SO FULL. We had so much fun, well ... READ the POST

Georgetown, Colorado♥ – Sister Trip 2017

Recently, my sister’s and I took a sisters trip to Georgetown, Colorado. Y'ALL. When I say it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I’ve been so far, that’s what I mean. The air was so crisp, the mountains were high, the skies were blue and clear. IT. WAS. AMAZING. The pictures really don’t do it ... READ the POST

New Black Owned Makeup Brand: KoyVoca Cosmetics

I want to come to show you some gems I stumbled upon, KoyVoca Cosmetics. As I said, they have some real GEMS. This Makeup brand is a Black Owned makeup brand that caters to EVERY skin tone. They have 21 different shades for you to choose from and they also provide SAMPLES. How dope is that? They are ... READ the POST