30 Day Blog Challenge Day 21-29

Soooo basically like the title says, life happened. I’ve been dealing with my hand’s feeling swollen and eye pain due to my MS and it’s uncomfortable to type and stare at more screens. After getting home from work that is the last thing I want to do. But, I have some time to catch up and my hands are feeling a smidge better SO let’s get into it.

Day 21: What Makes You Sad?

Oh man, a lot makes me sad. Poverty, Diseases, Injustice, being away from my family and friends. I can go on and on but I’m sure you catch my drift.

Day 22: My Worst Habits

Punctuality needs to be worked on. Not necessarily for work events but other things for sure. I annoy myself for being later than I should be. Also Consistency, for certain areas of my life I PRAY for better consistency. Weight loss, praying, remaining organized, etc. Like I said in my professional life these two aren’t really an issue because I pride myself on being a great employee and team member but for my personal life… It needs some work and I don’t think there is anything wrong with acknowledging that.

Day 23: If I Won The Lottery

It really depends on the reward amount but let’s say it was a billion dollars. I’d pay off all the student loans in my family, I’d buy pay off our cars, invest it, purchase some fixer upper homes, etc.

24: What Attracts Me (In Love)

Believes in God and vocal about it, Funny, Intelligent, understanding, family oriented, determined, a COMMUNICATOR (in every sense of the word), etc.but really tbh, If I vibe with someone that’s most important. Those are some of the things I wouldn’t budge on really.

25: My Biggest Regret

I try not to live with regrets because I believe that life situations teach you important lessons but, I’d have to say leaving Alabama A&M. There are so many things I wonder about had I stayed but ’tis life.

26: My Hidden Talent

Hmmm.. hidden? I don’t know if I have any hidden talents. Sing or play piano possibly.

27: What’s In My Closet?

Shoes, clothes, Jackets, Purses – that’s about it.

29: A Confession

I vowed to myself after my moving party in my basement when I was 14 I would never have a party again because it was SO ASS lol. Nobody danced it was just whack. I’ve literally NEVER had a party again. I’m open to the thought again though.

We’re almost done!

Love Always, JoJo♥

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