The Premier – Benefit & Birthday Bash with IAMMALLORY

Now As you all may know, I don’t get out much. Between work and grad school, my social life is slim to none right now which is the reason for my lack of posts (I’m sorry). Anywho,  last month I was awarded the opportunity to attend an extraordinary event celebrating my forever friend, Mallory Henderson – The Premier Benefit Birthday Bash.img_6589

Now Mallory is one to celebrate her birthday… ALL. MONTH. LONG. She took the time to coordinate 3 different events to celebrate another milestone along with family and friends. Some may call it extra, I think it’s fantastic. More often than not, hear, “oh it’s just another day for me,” but I don’t share that same sentiment. Your birthday is the CELEBRATION of you. You were blessed to see another year, that’s a big deal. Sadly, some people weren’t granted the opportunity to see their next birthday so each time one rolls around be grateful.

For my birthday, I typically just have a countdown and love when people acknowledge it (words of affirmation is my first love language), I’m not one to do anything super extravagant, but that’s just me. However, Mallory takes it a step further, which I admire. She hosts an annual benefit party for all to attend to raise money for teens who battle mental health issues and those funds send minority young adults to therapy sessions, how cool is that?

This year, she teamed up with Melanin and Mental health along with many various sponsors in the Houston area to pull off this grand event. Personally,  I had a blast. The ambiance of the Belvedere was terrific, the complimentary drinks provided were delicious, and the music was lit!

I STRONGLY encourage you to be on the lookout for the next one she has as each year it will get bigger and better. The subject alone should make you want to come out and support. There is a stigma in the minority community that going to therapy is weird or that mental health isn’t that serious, but it is,  and media outlets are proving that every day. It’s people like Mallory and Melanin Mental Health who are breaking that ideology and helping normalize therapy and support because IT WORKS.

As I stated previously, I had a WONDERFUL time, and while I am a smidge late with this post (LIFE), I couldn’t let months go by without shedding light on something so important.

Houston Blogger – Jaz Daigle from Lehaute Jaz was also in attendance!

How do you feel about mental health in the minority community?

Did you choose to seek therapy?

Let me know in the comments!

Love Always, JoJo♥

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