What Are Your Hopes For Your Blog?

Man, I made it to the LAST day. I only have 45 mins left, but at least I did it. To answer this question really quickly, the hope I truly have for this blog is to touch SOMEONE. I’ve gone through a lot, and I KNOW there’s someone who can relate to me and vice versa. If my blog never got super popular that honestly would be okay with me. My purpose of creating this platform was to simply, write. I want to share my stories and learn from my readers. My hope thus far is that I’ve reached at least one of you. Made you laugh, made you think, something. If I did, my job is done.

SO, If you’ve made it to day 30, I THANK YOU so much. It was a neat little activity. Lots of thanks to the homegirl DaniiGold for the motivation to do it.

Even though this series is complete, I’m always open to suggestions so if there is a topic you’d like me to discuss, email me and I’d be happy to speak on it. Let me know in the comments!

Love Always, JoJo♥

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