What Do You Love About Being Black?

Hey Everyone!

Sadly, the time has come. It’s the last day of our month, Black History Month. Even though it’s coming to a close, I hope we continue to celebrate 365. Just because we are given the shortest month of the year doesn’t mean we are CONFINED to it. I urge you all to continue to celebrate us and the culture because this Black History Month was LIT.

Black People Won Awards

Black Panther broke the box office

plus a whole lot more.

Just LIT.

So this year I asked a question to a few people, and I want you to chime in.

What do you love being Black? Being A Black Woman, A Black Man, What do you love about Black people?
I’ll start.

Every time I think of black people my heart smiles. I’m so proud of all the accomplishments and strides we’ve made to make our lives better. I love that we’re trendsetters, I love our culture- the food, the music, the fashion. I love that even though people don’t want to see us win, we ALWAYS do in some form.


Simple as that.

Let me know in the comments and enjoy the answers from some others! Make sure to check out their platforms as well!

Love Always, JoJo♥



PhotoCred: Mallory Henderson Blog: IAMMALLORY IG: IAMMALLORY

“The glow of our skin. The strength of our women, the automatic protectors our men are. I don’t see that in other races. Black men have jumped in & been my protector in situations, even black men I may not get along with. The longevity of our skin & hair; our hair period. The strength and endurance our bodies have. What other race went thru slavery, still stood AND WORKED every day? Ours did. What other race can make up an entire sports team & KILL boys??? Black ppl can be ugly but still beautiful. I can stare at black ppl all day & they don’t have to be attractive. Our skin just has a different level of quality. Our intelligence! Black people can be so uneducated & still brilliant. So creative, So innovative. I can go on all day”.

Mallory Henderson


“Our authentic nature, pride, resilience our Melanin even though we have been oppressed we rise above our very nature to rise even despite the adversities we deal with daily. Our creativity is through the roof we’ve created nations are handprint is in everything”.

Chanelle Walker


PhotoCred: Tondaleigha Jones -Website: tondaleighajones IG: lovelyleighaa
Zach McGee – Website: Black Brew Tea IG: Black Brew Tea

“I love that no matter what the cause, If we see one of us hurting or being mistreated. Many of us are always willing to rise up and denounce injustice. People can talk that black on black crime stuff, but black people will always love one another. We always want to be the champion of justice for each other. Somewhere in the world, there is always a brotha or sista ready to go to bat for you. That’s what I love about being black”.

Jordan Wallace


Photo Cred: Jaz Daigle – Blog: Lehautejaz – Podcast: LehautePaire – IG: Andallthatjazie FB: Lehautejaz

“I like how diversified I can be. My hair, the slang I use, even then music I grew up on all have shaped me to be the person I am today.”

Taylor Hendree


PhotoCred: Tondaleigha Jones -Website: tondaleighajones IG: lovelyleighaa
Shaurice McKinney Blog: Expressionsofsho – IG: Expressionsofsho – FB: Sho Speaks

“I love my culture, history, and my ability to conquer all things.”

India Murrell


PhotoCred: Kanisha Anthony – Blog: KanishaAnthony – IG: Kanisha Anthony

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